Teacher Statement

XXXXI believe in creating a community of safety, truth, and connection within my individual and group settings. This involves my being able to hold and breathe into the paradoxical tensions that are a part of any learning situation. For example, if individuals are to learn, it is important that they be invited to find their creative, authentic voices and styles, while at the same time be encouraged to remain open to the exploration of techniques and tools that I have to offer. If I could define my style in a simple way, I would describe it as subject-centered with an emphasis on “being” while “doing.”
XXXXWith 4 decades of teaching experience in both private and public schools, I bring to my work a rich background in art history, creative writing, painting, drawing, and printmaking, as well as a holistic approach toward self-discovery. The containers that I create welcome both silence and speech; they invite the voice of the individual and the voice of the group. I am aware that in all settings there will exist a variety of learning styles, and so I use a multi-modality approach; that is, I show, speak, pass out written instructions, and do whatever it takes for each learner to understand the concepts being offered.

XXXXAt the New Art Center in Newtonville, I developed innovative curriculum for courses focusing on the creative process, authentic movement, and creative forming. I hold a Masters in Psychological Education from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

XXXXCurrently, I am offering private lessons in my Waltham, MA studio. Please click the "Private Lessons" link in the left column for more information.
"I have studied with Pat in her studio and taken classes with her for many years.  I am constantly moved by her depth of knowledge, vision, and understanding of creativity and life.  Pat provides a non-intimidating environment where I feel free to express myself. Her support and encouragement have helped me to progress as an artist."

Jane Feigenson, Artist, Advisory Board, Gateway Arts;
President, Board of Governors, New Art Center 2007-2009.
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