Moving Reflections Individual and Group Sessions

This body-centered, meditative practice offers a safe place to:
    • Release and relieve stress
    • Build a clearer sense of self that includes an integrated relationship to the whole
    • Untangle old beliefs and nurture self-acceptance
    • Recognize the wisdom of the body
    • Awaken to conscious & unconscious pathways
    • Deepen connection with spirit
    • Increase intuition
    • Access imagination
    • Cultivate authenticity, truth
For more information or to schedule a session, please contact Pat by phone 508-612-6847,
or email
"This truly transcendent work sinks me into the deep infinite space where all is possible and the line between life and art disappears.  Pat's innovative process propels my art and heals my soul."

Michele Ferro, Artist

"I love working with Pat.  To each session she brings her skill, compassion, wisdom, and presence in a completely supportive manner.  Within the safe container she creates, I continue to discover, with wonder and joy, new aspects of my being."

Ariane Garfield, Counselor, Body-Centered Astrology